Question 1


Compare the width of your shoulders with your waist. What is wider?


A) Shoulders

B) Waist

C) Both the same

Question 2


From the front, does your waist...


A) Come in?

B) Go straight through?


Question 3


Where do you carry most of your weight?


A) On top

B) In the middle

C) On the bottom

D) Evenly all over

Question 4


When shopping for clothes do you...


A) Buy the same size top and bottom?

B) Buy a larger size top?

C) Buy a larger size bottom?

Question 5


Is your bust size...


A) Average to Large? Triangle

B) About Average?

C) Average to Small


The Result...


Count the number of times each of the below


A) On top

B) In the middle

C) On the bottom

D) Evenly all over

We recognise that finding your perfect dress can be difficult. After all there are so many options it's hard to know where to start!


But don't worry as help in on hand in the form of our handy Style Guide. We have removed all the guess work for you by pairing all the dress styles that are available, along with the body shapes they flatter the most.


Take our What's Your Style? test to work out your body shape and then start browsing the dress styles that will enhance your figure.

A fitted bodice that highlights the waist and a skirt that gradually tapers out to create that classic A shape.

This is a silhouette that flatters all body shapes.
A defined waistline that sits directly under the bust, for the petite bride this style is a great way of creating length.

Body Shape: Rectangle
Similar to the A-line, only shorter! The classic tea-length dress is a great way to show off those heels.

Another style which can suit a range of shapes, but we think it looks great for the Inverted Triangle
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